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Feb. 21st, 2017 | 03:55 pm

all actual posts will be Friends Only. Comment to be Added.

pottercon - My Harry Potter WebComic

robot_club - My Original WebComic

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Feb. 14th, 2007 | 12:59 pm

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Jan. 30th, 2007 | 10:37 pm

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Nov. 15th, 2006 | 06:10 am


I'm so excited.

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Aug. 30th, 2006 | 02:33 am

So it's what 2:30 in the morning? My first day od school is tomorrow and I'm only about 1/2 way done with my Summer homework. It's not going quickly. and there is now way to make it quicker. I am overwhelmed.

I just want to go to bed.

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Aug. 5th, 2006 | 01:28 am

I wanted to leave you a voicemail, but was too scared you'd answer.

I wanted to let you know it sounds more like a story than an update.
But I hope you'll like it just the same.
I can't do a proper one anymore, without making it sound like a story.
Not half as spectacular as your updates.

I also wanted to ask you when you'd get home.
Call me when you wake up.

oh, and also.

I miss you.

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Apr. 13th, 2006 | 08:40 pm

So, Basically I'll be heading to New York in twelve hours.
To get on a plane to fly me to France with my baby
I can't belive it's finally happening.

I'll miss you all

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Feb. 11th, 2006 | 11:46 am

*sigh* finally a few hours to myself. I'm thinking of trying NOT to be a procrastinator and do my homework around now, but, psh, like that's going to happen :)

This past week has been crazy. thank you all so much for commenting on my 'I HAVE NO SLEEP' post. it made me smile. I sold more credit cards at Sears so now I have more hours, which ment I saw Julie only on monday and Friday *sniffle* so sad. BUT I GOT VALENTINE'S DAY OFF SO I HAVE TO GO OUT TONIGHT AND BUY HER SOME AMAZING GIFTS. haha. now what to get...

and I feel like I have a bajilion things to do but I don't know what they are. Me and Julie are kinda sorta the new presidents of GSA, because one day we sent out an e-mail about bake sale and We sort of took charge I guess? It's kinda fun, except if you want anything done you have to do it all yourself, and no one will respond to my e-mails. Also the current president is a total bitch and he made himself president then gave up and yelled about how we expect him do do everything, and now just sulks all the time because we took his power I guess? I dunno, he's leaving in three months anyway.

I don't think I have a train of thought anymore. But in other news I think I found a college I really would like to go to :)

<3 heather

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Feb. 9th, 2006 | 10:12 pm

I haven't gotten an good nights sleep since finals- that was what? 2-3 weeks ago? I am completely dead, and I have become more and more destracted. I can sit there and completely listen to my teacher talk but ten seconds later I have no idea what they said. I think I'm overtired.

I just got home from work and I have to write a story and read like 60 pages in a book. oh crap. I really need my sleep though. I'm going to bed. I can hardly keep my eyes open.

guhhhhhh junior year

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Feb. 8th, 2006 | 05:13 am

Okay *deep sigh* I think I have some time now.

Okay, I wasn't insulted by the little boy thinking I was a boy, actually I was immensely amused, but I was thinking I look kinda boy-ish and I'd really like to look pretty someday too.

um so yeah, this weekend was AMAZING. First me and Julie gathered together 60 dollars to go buy "Queer as Folk: Season 1" because that show is the greatest thing EVER. We get to Nubury Comics and it was only 50$. woo! So then we quickly went out to dinner then went back to her place to watch it. oh, my, god. Brian is so amazing, and Justin is such a.... little fucker. He thinks he's like so hot, and tries to come off being like Brian does, but he just looks like SUCH an idiot. And then there's so much Mikey/Brian goodness, squee! oh god, how did those two not get together in the end?

THEN the best thing EVER happened. Me, Julie, and our friend Amina gathered up all our things and went to visit Amina's sister Asma in college! We've been trying to do this for what feels like forever, and now we did! She goes to Simmons, and her dorm was the best place ever. I loved it. I never wanted to leave. Then we went out with Asma and her roomate and took the train to go see "imagine me and you" this awesome movie about this woman who falls in love with a lesbian on her wedding day. And tehn we went out to eat, and awesomeness ensuded. I also got crushed by an asian man who fell completely on top of me on the train. I really like walking around Boston/the city of boston.

I really would like to go to Simmons now. hahaha, thanks Asma! Oh and ps: yeah, me and julie want to go see you again so bad!

ugh, but now I have to go write an article for the GSA newsletter. So that'll be fun. so yeah, Good morning everyone :)

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